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Ralph Pahlmeyer, CEO and Co-founder & Joel Goobich, Head of Marketing, VestorlyRalph Pahlmeyer, CEO and Co-founder & Joel Goobich, Head of Marketing
In today's digital economy, consumers and business customers expect to find quality content online. Blogs, videos, and other posts establish a brand's authority and help build and maintain customer relationships.

Content marketing is nothing new, but AI is unlocking its potential. As online content evolves, customer personalization is not only preferred but also expected. Marketing used to be a one-way conversation, but now brands can meaningfully engage target audiences in a way that builds brand loyalty and drives sales.

Vestorly is a Content Management Engine (CME) that increases and unleashes the power of content by leveraging it effectively across different business activities through content discovery, content filtering, and content personalization. The AI-driven software is offered in two primary product offerings: a stand-alone content engine with marketing automation capabilities or integrated directly through a seamless API into a marketing automation platform (MAP), CRM, or other technology platforms.

Vestorly's CME is used by B2B clients to enhance the personal, human side of their business and power intelligent content usage throughout their organization. The CME leverages the power of machine learning and natural language processing to convert unstructured web content into targeted data feeds.

"Vestorly technology pulls in highly specific and targeted content that can be paired with both website and email marketing campaigns to increase engagement by several orders of magnitude," says Ralph Pahlmeyer, CEO and Co-founder of Vestorly.

A Content Management Engine with Three Pistons

As content marketing becomes a more prominent budget item, a clear picture of the results it generates becomes crucial. Marketers want to know what is working and how to improve their marketing ROI.

To achieve this, Vestorly's software uses three interconnected pistons: discovery, filtering, and personalization.

The discovery engine scours an ever-increasing pool of third-party, original and licensed digital content sources to surface the best content that fits the client’s needs, whether they are brand awareness, customer engagement or lead generation. This creates a customizable pool of content inventory that can be accessed and distributed automatically.

The filtering engine curates and identifies the right content to match the client’s marketing and communication content standards. This distillation solves the problem of safe content, trustworthy content, market and competitive analysis, regulation and compliance.

The personalization engine enables businesses to a achieve a cutting-edge customer experience through the power of iterative machine learning. It solves the problem of maximizing engagement, conversions, deeper audience interaction, and customer retention.

The combined action of these three CME pistons propels the company's flywheel.

Vestorly technology pulls in highly specific and targeted content that can be paired with both website, social media, and email campaigns to increase engagement by orders of magnitude

Content Management Engine = The right content to the right person at the right time

Natural language processing (NLP) has reached new heights in its capacity to assess, synthesize, and even understand text and voice. NLP data feed machine learning algorithms to deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment.

The revolutionary capabilities of AI, combined with the tried-and-true power of content, can offer businesses unprecedented marketing results.

AI-Powered Content Marketing Fuels Brand Trust and Authority

Vestorly's CME provides companies with the ability to leverage content for marketing, branding, business intelligence, and compliance. "Content is an asset or resource in search of a purpose. And like the different grades of gasoline at the gas pump, regular, premium or high octane, specific content is needed for different activities of the content engine," says Joel Goobich, Head of Marketing of Vestorly.

The purpose of content may be to increase engagement and awareness, generate leads and conversions, or create authentic and personal content experiences. Recognizing that many companies have different needs and objectives for content marketing, Vestorly's team works hand-in-hand with potential clients by providing a live, personalized demo of the software to identify the most effective use-cases for unlocking the power of the software.

Case Studies: Seamless Integration and Easy Access

FMG Suite, a marketing and website service provider for the financial services industry, leveraged Vestorly API to make a white-labeled content recommendation engine available within their technology products platform. FMG Suite's users, including financial advisors, lacked content for sending email newsletters to their clients. Therefore, FMG Suite used Vestorly API to pull in the content recommendation. FMG Suite tools users can now access content recommendations within their system to share with their customers. As a result, within six months, the FMG suite noticed a massive boost in product engagement.

In another example, the Bank of New York (BNY), Mellon, noticed that its clients were using different products and services across their divisions. These clients were receiving redundant communications that resulted in crucial information getting lost or ignored. Vestorly's CME helped them integrate and combine the content across all divisions by aggregating it onto their cloud-based platform. Launching a branded content hub that connected all that information, the company gathered their client data from their CRM and matched it with the type of business those clients conducted with BNY Mellon. BNY Mellon's clients can now access all of the content relevant to them in one location.

The company applied the same concept across BNY Mellon's email communications. Vestorly integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to produce a dynamic email template that renders content based on the recipient. As a result, when a client receives an email in their inbox and opens it, they would see the content and communications relevant to them based on their CRM data. Their click-through rate increased from 3 to 11 percent and open rates from 8 to 18 percent. The results of automation and streamlined workflows were significant time savings and higher engagement rates.

With many success stories, Vestorly is focusing on offering its powerful API and Content Marketing Automation platform as white label solutions across the Martech, Adtech, Media technology and business services sectors.

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Ralph Pahlmeyer, CEO and Co-founder & Joel Goobich, Head of Marketing

Vestorly is on a mission to help organizations increase engagement, generate leads, and scale communication by leveraging artificial intelligence to surface and curate content. Vestorly’s Content Management Engine learns to emulate the clients and their audience and engages the network according to their interests. Using AI, Vestorly’s software grows smarter over time through continuous iteration and machine learning to better match timely and evergreen content and deliver relevant and intelligent content touchpoints. Vestorly’s API integrates with marketing and business service platforms delivering seamless content management and content marketing experience